Alice’s Stick Cookies at the NASFT’s Winter Fancy Food Show!

Kelly Flaig and Jessica Gowdy pass out samples!

The Alice’s Stick Cookies team had a wonderful time last week at the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade’s Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.  The event included thousands of samples of tasty treats from all over the world, spanning both Moscone Center buildings.  Needless to say, our team stuffed ourselves silly, while exploring the show and connecting many fellow food lovers.  We also enjoyed being a part of the Savor California section of the show and allowed many a visitor to sample our award winning cookies!  The feedback on the taste was as we predicted: everyone LOVED them, and some even came back for more!

Jessica Gowdy, Jane St. Clair (of Savor California), and Kelly Flaig

Click here for more details about the show, including an overview from each day!



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Food allergies? Not to worry…

Alice’s Stick Cookies are made from only natural ingredients and are baked in 100% pure butter.  Those with soy, nut, and egg allergies need not worry!  These treats do not include ANY traces of those substances.  Many food allergy sufferers have found Alice’s Stick Cookies to be a delicious and safe dessert option.  Have a friend or family member with food allergies?  Give them the gift of Alice’s Stick Cookies and let them enjoy a special treat, worry free!

For those with an intolerance to nuts, visit our friends at Peanut Allergy.Com and for those allergic to eggs, visit the Calgary Allergy Network.  Protect yourself and loved ones.  Get informed!

Have you tasted Alice’s Stick Cookies?

Welcome to the blog of Alice’s Stick Cookies, the delicately, delicious tea cookie. Alice’s cookies are individually hand baked with care, using only the finest, top quality ingredients. There are absolutely no preservatives or additives giving them that unique home cooked taste. Combined with the flavor of toffee and a texture that literally melts in your mouth… you will find them irresistible!