Celebrate the Holidays with us at Filoli!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!  We are THRILLED the best time of the year is underway and are celebrating today, tomorrow, and this weekend at one of the most beautiful places on the San Francisco Peninsula: Filoli.  If you have never been to the Filoli gardens and historic mansion, joining us for holiday cheer this weekend would be the perfect first visit.  We will be serving our famously delicious cookies alongside other vendors, food, drink, holiday shopping, and live music.  For more information about the holidays at Filoli and this weekend, click here.

Filoli, which is short for Fight Love Live or the full credo “Fight for a just cause; Love your fellow man; Live a good life.”, is one of the Bay Area’s only preserved 20th century estates.  Located in Woodside near the Crystal Springs Lake, the estate boast beautiful architecture and extensively maintained gardens, all nestled in the beautiful Northern California golden hillside.  The estate is now owned and run by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  Schedule a visit today or better yet, join us this weekend and taste the holiday cheer!



Andronico’s San Anselmo Customer Appreciation Day This SATURDAY!

We LOVE Andronico’s Community Markets and can’t wait for San Anselmo Customer Appreciation Day!  We had so much fun a couple of weeks ago at the Berkeley Andronico’s food event and can’t wait for the food, fun, and friends once again! Come on by and try some Alice’s Stick Cookies!

Women in Specialty Foods!

We are so excited to report that Alice has been featured in The Daily Meal’s “Food Companies Started by Women” slideshow.  Our company’s founder, Alice Larse, is not only a female entrepreneur, but she launched her brand at the ripe age of 69 and ran the company for 11 years!  She is truly and inspiration for small business owners of any age or gender.  Not to mention, her secret family recipe is so irresistible, the company was bound for success.  Kudos to Alice for bringing Alice’s Stick Cookies to the marketplace!

See Alice Larse and our delicious Alice’s Stick Cookies among good company here.

The Olson’s Fall Food & Gift Faire…this weekend!!

Hey all!  We hope to see you at the C.J. Olson Cherries’ Annual Fall Food & Gift Faire this weekend at the Sunnyvale Stand!

For those of you that don’t know, C.J Olson Cherries represents a piece of Peninsula history.  Their stand was started four generations back, ,in 1899 in the heart of Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale.  Deborah Olson continues running the company and her family’s cherry legacy in the same exact location where her family started. Despite massive urban development in the surrounding area, they have managed to preserve a piece of Silicon Valley’s agricultural history, maintaining the same traditions from generations past.

We hope to see you this weekend!

Fresh Holiday Entertaining

Need some new Holiday ideas?  Check out Etsy’s recommended Holiday gifts and entertaining page here.  These treasure are usually one of a kind and completely creative and unique!  Plus, we love supporting independent craftsmen and Etsy’s whole “hand-made” concept definitely encourages small businesses to grow!

Our absolute favorite piece that we found perusing Etsy is this adorable cupcake tray, made out of vintage plates.  Just imagine serving up your favorite dessert at the holidays on this lovely three-tiered platter.  Since this design is called “Alice Leaves the Garden”, we think it would be the perfect serving tower for Alice’s Stick Cookies. Simply gorgeous!

More details and purchasing information here.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!

Pumpkin Art! Taking the tradition even further…

One of our favorite parts of the Halloween holiday is pumpkin carving, and we always love seeing the impressive displays of pumpkin art that surface on and after October 31st.  Take a look at some of these skillful examples of what can be done, and get inspired at MarthaStewart.com!  There are so many fun ideas for Halloween next year, as well as the other holidays coming up!

Bringing the family together to carve pumpkins can result in some beautiful works of art, but even the most basic jack-o-lantern designs look great too! And more importantly, any activity that helps friends and family bond wins in our book.  As long as everyone stops to take an Alice’s Stick Cookie break! Now, that’s a great tradition!

I wonder if we could carve a cookie?


Food allergies? Not to worry…

Alice’s Stick Cookies are made from only natural ingredients and are baked in 100% pure butter.  Those with soy, nut, and egg allergies need not worry!  These treats do not include ANY traces of those substances.  Many food allergy sufferers have found Alice’s Stick Cookies to be a delicious and safe dessert option.  Have a friend or family member with food allergies?  Give them the gift of Alice’s Stick Cookies and let them enjoy a special treat, worry free!

For those with an intolerance to nuts, visit our friends at Peanut Allergy.Com and for those allergic to eggs, visit the Calgary Allergy Network.  Protect yourself and loved ones.  Get informed!

The story of Alice

Late in life and with much encouragement from family and friends, Alice jumped into the cookie business. For years friends and acquaintances had been asking Alice for this recipe but she resisted sharing it, knowing one day she would start a business with her melt in your mouth treats.

The business started small and grew quickly, becoming famous throughout the United States and Canada. In the beginning friends and friends of friends demonstrated there was a market as they purchased the cookies for their own use and as gifts.

At the Fancy Food Show in New York City Alice’s Stick Cookies were awarded the coveted Prize For Best Cookie of 2004 and 2006 by the prestigious National Association For The Specialty Food Trade.

Alice, who grew up working in her father’s small town grocery store, especially enjoys the contacts with the stores. She brings energy and enthusiasm to this truly family oriented business.