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Tis the time of the year…for GIFT BASKETS!

The traditional gift basket never loses it’s charm, whether given to a corporate office or a family and friends.  We  are honored to be included in some of Draeger’s Specialty Gift Baskets.  What a lovely way to show your peers or loved ones you care- these baskets are chop full of style and attention to detail. We especially love that Draeger’s includes so many locally made artisan foods, our cookies included.  Northern California offers endless specialty food treats!

Click here to learn about how you can purchase gift baskets from Draeger’s.  What an easy yet thoughtful last-minute gift idea!


Holiday Fun at the Los Altos Andronico’s!

Last weekend, we attended the Holiday Festival of Food at Andronico’s in Los Altos.  We had so much fun as one of Andronico’s featured products.  We passed out samples of our cookies to customers, while enjoying the festivities, which included live music and a fun raffle!  Below is a picture of one of our own sharing Alice’s Stick Cookies!  Her smile says it all!

Many thanks to Andronico’s for being so supportive, friendly and fun!  We are so proud to be sold at such a community oriented grocer.  We love these events and can’t wait for the next one!

A website we love. How Fancy!

Have you heard of TheFancy.com?  We are constantly looking for inspiration, whether it be in other food products, design, music, etc., and TheFancy.com acts as a way to explore different interests and organize what you like. The best part it that the site is very visual- you can choose what inspires you based on an instant reaction upon first glance. Also, you have the option of following the feeds of your peers and their inspirations. Imagine a tumblr of all your friends in one feed coupled with the option of choosing items you yourself “fancy”.

Over time, the site could possibly create a visual of all the different things that inspire you. Talk about a great way to visualize your creative style in one place!

What would Alice fancy? 🙂


Celebrate the Holidays with us at Filoli!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!  We are THRILLED the best time of the year is underway and are celebrating today, tomorrow, and this weekend at one of the most beautiful places on the San Francisco Peninsula: Filoli.  If you have never been to the Filoli gardens and historic mansion, joining us for holiday cheer this weekend would be the perfect first visit.  We will be serving our famously delicious cookies alongside other vendors, food, drink, holiday shopping, and live music.  For more information about the holidays at Filoli and this weekend, click here.

Filoli, which is short for Fight Love Live or the full credo “Fight for a just cause; Love your fellow man; Live a good life.”, is one of the Bay Area’s only preserved 20th century estates.  Located in Woodside near the Crystal Springs Lake, the estate boast beautiful architecture and extensively maintained gardens, all nestled in the beautiful Northern California golden hillside.  The estate is now owned and run by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  Schedule a visit today or better yet, join us this weekend and taste the holiday cheer!